Worlds of Mebar (Audiobook Podcast) 

Series ran July 2017 to July 2018, restarted fall 2020, currently ON PAUSE

Self-proclaimed gods have quietly ruled the multiverse of Mebar for over 800 years. But the one founding member of their order that condemned their methods has just been set loose from prison.

Antediluvian Blues (Self-Published Novel)

Originally published as a web serial, April 2015

If you just had your life collapse, the end of the world is a mere formality.

Antediluvian Blues takes the well-known narrative of the Biblical flood and reimagines it blended with mythology and lost technology. But that's all merely a backdrop to a story about men and gods trying to fight back disaster from consuming their worlds.

Merlin of Legend (Webseries) - ROLE: Writer/Director

3 episodes published, 2016 - 2017

You’d think orchestrating the birth of the British nation would have been more challenging than dealing with terrible co-workers in a tiny office in Los Angeles.

Both wheelhouses collide when Merlin discovers that his weekend shift supervisor, Ben, is the returned King Arthur. 

Imperfect (Self-Published Novel) 

Published 2012.

Cassandra has hidden herself in the mountains, away from anyone who might know who she is. But, with the world political climate heating up, she soon has incredibly powerful individuals trying to get her attention. 

An empire has put a many-century-long war on pause. Nations prepare in the calm, not expecting it to last. A small but powerful cult grows, flaunting a deadly weapon long-condemned by their parent order. 

Soon, there won't be many places left to hide in.

Imperfect is a science fiction/fantasy novel where advanced technology exists alongside powerful practitioners of ancient arts.  Cassandra’s life gets far more complicated when she finds herself part of one particular order, the Lower Knights.

Banner (Self-Published Novel) 

Published 2009.

The main starship featured in the novel, the Ao Shun, won First Place in Popular Science Magazine's 2016 "Send Us Your Spaceship Designs" contest!

On a clear evening in early summer, a new star is discovered by a kid with a hobby telescope. At first it's merely a novelty, until it's discovered that the small planet orbiting it contains a priceless raw material.

The race is on to see which nation will get there first and secure a foothold in a new age of interstellar travel.

Banner is a near-future, space adventure novel that follows men and women pressured by their governments to win this race at any cost. Still, it's the moments when one believes they have no choice that the most important decisions have to be made.

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