Art Department/Props

Art deco crown light, for "Seek First" book trailer:
Still from video

Raygun-punk space suit (using child's ACES costume as base), for "Dizzy" music video:
Photo credit: Christian Apolonio

Jetpack rucksack for spacesuit, for "Dizzy" music video
Still from video
Wrist computer, for "Dizzy" music video
Still from video

Full-scale, "homespun" rocket-ship prop, for "Dizzy" music video:
Photo credit: Joseph Gruenthal

"Engineer" costume, for "Dizzy" music video
Photo credit: Christian Apolonio

Reproduction of historic union pin, with number and color variations, for short film:
3" and 1" sizes

Converted Nerf gun:

Props for "Merlin of Legend" webseries:

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