Friday, April 3, 2020

Antediluvian Blues Now Available

Five years ago I published Antediluvian Blues as a web serial, posting half a chapter a week. But then, Amazon took down the web serial site it was one, and it left the internet.

I sat on it all this time, hoping to possibly get it published "legitimately," but with the worldwide anxiety going on right now this felt like a good time to share it with people. A dramatization of the Biblical Flood, a story about people trying to find hope and normalcy in the midst of terrible devastation.

The novel is now available on Amazon:

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

7 Months Working for the Chiodo Bros.

From May to December of 2019, I worked as a general production assistant/art department production assistant at Chiodo Brothers Productions for their Netflix Christmas special, "Alien Xmas," coming out winter 2020.

In addition to regular PA go-for-ing, I learned MOUNTAINS of stuff about carpentry, model making, etc. It was a fantastic experience.