Friday, December 26, 2014

The Chainsaw - Part 1: Overacting

My screenwriting professor at Portland State had a favorite saying: "The chainsaw is your friend." It had to do with cutting out unnecessary stuff to make things more efficient, less cluttered, and just all-round better. It's mostly specific to film, but it really can be applied to any storytelling medium.

Well, as I work on revising the novel I recently finished the first draft for, I figured I could use this time to talk about what sort of things I'm doing.

So today, I will begin with overacting. It's lame, unless you're going for campiness, but it happens. Not just in movies, but in books as well. If you've ready any decent number of novels, you've seen it. People crying, laughing, or yelling when they really wouldn't and shouldn't. Stuff like that.

The revision process for a Novel is where over-acting stands out and gets tossed or fixed.

Kind of like the editing stage of a film, where you're away from the moment and can see things more objectively.

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