Friday, March 14, 2014

Getting My Feet Wet

After months and months of reading blog articles and books by masters in the industry, as well as listening to podcasts every day about animation, I couldn't handle it anymore. I had to play around with 2D animation.

So I downloaded a demo of FlipBook, a powerful program for doing 2D, and did a bouncing ball, but threw in an explosion. It took me about an hour:

There were a lot of issues. My timing was really bad, and the ball/bomb was shrinking as it progressed along. So, I knew I wanted to touch it up a lot. Ah-ha, but I also wanted to play around with some other principles, such as secondary action. So, I figured I turn the ball into a bomb with a burning fuse. Then I figured the bomb should come from somewhere, so I added cannon. Then I wanted to make more particle effects from the explosion. Then I wanted to make it so it could loop continuously.

So, 6 hours of my life later, I have my four and a half second animated clip. Enjoy:

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